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Final Fantasy VII - Advent Children (2006)

1 rating1 review
  • cloud
    too col too be called cool

Fantomas - A l'ombre de la guillotine (1913)

2 ratings2 reviews
  • karan69
    karan6955 popcorn
    I wonder what language this movie is!

Fun With Dick and Jane (2005)

1 rating1 review
  • socoolsotruesoawesome
    this movie was really funny because of the funny disguises while robbing the places and full of mischief. this basically makes fun of robberies!

Cats: The Musical (1998)

1 rating1 review
  • Jellicle Cat
    I love this movie! I saw it on broadway when I was young, and I loved it! The video I know is perfectly kid friendly. The songs, dancing, costumes and makeup keeps a kid interested! Pretty soon you will know all the characters names and be humming the tunes!

Catch That Kid (2004)

2 ratings2 reviews
  • wizardgirl2501
    wizardgirl250155 popcorn
    Kristin Stewart, Corbin Blue, and Max Theriot look sooooo young! I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!! I love a film with a clever heist and a twisted ploy!

A Cat in Paris (2012)

3 ratings5 reviews
  • tron56
    tron5644 popcorn
    This movie is really funny.At the end, the bad guy falls down from a hook.He thought the giant was going to save him but it was fake.

Catfish (2010)

1 rating1 review
  • edmodo-y7uhdckgug
    This movie is about a man who falls in love with someone over the internet. When he goes to met her she is not who she said she was.

A Thousand Words (2012)

13 ratings3 reviews
  • boulder
    boulder55 popcorn
    OMG i loved this movie sooooo much. I could watch this movie a thousand times that is how much i love it.

2012 (2009)

15 ratings11 reviews
  • datwhale
    bad movie i havent seen it and i know its a bad movie i saw a parody and it basicly tells me waht happens horrible plot its 2012 um and the world hasent ended its 2012 were all safe p.s bad movie

New York Minute (2004)

2 ratings3 reviews

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