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Pokemon - The Movie 2000 (2000)

20 ratings18 reviews
  • greykyurem
    greykyurem55 popcorn
    I thought that this movie was a coooooooooool and fun movie to watch. Im a big fan of pokemon so that was also a reason i liked it. I urge you all who are reading this to watch it you can watch it on completely free!!!! Pokemon: The Movie 2002 was an inspiring movie for me, first of a...

Pokemon 3: The Movie (2001)

15 ratings18 reviews
  • Catbug
    This is more of a comment than an actual review... Anyways, I really like the plot of this movie. It's a little different than the other Poke'mon movies ( I can't make the accent above the 'e') I've seen. I've really been wanting to get a chance to watch this, because from the description and wh...

Pokemon 4Ever (2002)

18 ratings14 reviews
  • cats!
    i wanna be the very best that no one ever was to catch them is my real test to train is my cause i will travel across the land searching far and pokemon! i know its my destiny pokemon yeah your my best friend in a worl we must defend pokemon

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016)

33 ratings135 reviews
  • neoncat
    neoncat55 popcorn
    In one word? AMAZING. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story DELIVERS. The cinematography is AWESOME, the action is INTENSE, the characters are heartwarming and well-done, and the new music by Michael Giacchino is CHILLING and captures the emotional and dark tone of the movie well. It is the first of the s...

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (2003)

1 rating1 review
  • datfreshmeme
    I thought this movie was really good on a whole and everything was awesome especially the part in Venus. But I think that there was only ONE cheesy part was when the ship exploded from the bombs in the CGI was OK but it could've been better then WAY better overall the movie was good the CGI was ...

Toy Story 2 (1999)

42 ratings13 reviews
  • sunnybunnycutie
    sunnybunnycutie55 popcorn
    Woody has always been the favorite toy, but when he is replaced by the  space hero, Buzz Lightyear, things go wrong. Woody's plan of revenge ends with Buzz and Woody stuck in the evil, toy-killing Sid's house. Will they put their differences aside to survive? Or will they die trying?

Return of the Ghostbusters

2 ratings8 reviews

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1 (2010)

112 ratings60 reviews
  • reebud9
    reebud955 popcorn
    I chose to watch this movie because it has a lot of action and scary things and my favorite person in the world is in it Emma Watson AKA Hermione Granger.She is the best person in the world. Harry potter almost dies in this movie. But he doesn't .I also watched the second part of deathly hallows...

Iron Man (2008)

50 ratings27 reviews
  • nick483
    nick48344 popcorn
    Ohhhh awesome this movie is about, A man that is Tony Stark but is not yet iron man goes to this country with his crew business and explorers and different stuff till there was a war going on and Tony fainted, soon than he wakes up and realises that something is on his middle of his body it was l...

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001)

165 ratings162 reviews
  • yo-kaiwatcher09
    yo-kaiwatcher0955 popcorn
    This movie is totally recommended by me for beginner Harry Potter fans. This movie is all about the start of Harry Potter. He was left of the Dursley's doorstep as an infant with the lightning bolt scar on his forehead. How he got the lightning scar is by Voldemort, or He Who Must Not Be Named...

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