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Last Call at the Oasis (2012)

1 rating1 review
  • kmmoore
    kmmoore55 popcorn
    omg im the first one i think this movie will be awsome

In the Time of the Butterflies (2003)

1 rating1 review
  • monkeylady
    monkeylady55 popcorn
    This is a really good movie. Really sad and depressing. We watched it during spanish class and a lot of kids were crying, including me. i would recomend doing some rearcherch on Rafael Trujillo. It is about a group of sisters living in the dictatorship of Rafael Trujillo and they rebel. Let me re...

One Night With the King (2006)

1 rating1 review
  • wintergrl
    wintergrl55 popcorn
    This is a story that touched me deeply, It has great meaning and is my favourite movie.

The King and I (1956)

1 rating1 review

Pure Country 2: The Gift (2010)

0 ratings1 review
  • sweethart
    i never saw this movie before but i hat the pics

Bolt (2008)

9 ratings4 reviews
  • hey
    hey55 popcorn
    This movie is awesome!! I love it and have it! I totally recommend people to watch this action, loving, caring movie. its a wonderful film!

Sahara (2005)

1 rating1 review
  • just_me
    just_me55 popcorn
    I absolutely love this movie

Collision Earth

2 ratings1 review

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